These are corporate organizations or individuals registering to join the CICOD Affiliate Program who have access to a broad network of potential clients/merchants that require our order fulfillment platform. Examples of Affiliates are banks, consulting firms or simply registered individuals with access to our target merchants.

Business Partners

These are corporate organisations registering to join the Cicod Merchant Reseller Program because they have clients/merchants who require our order fulfilment platform. Examples of Business partners are Banks, Consulting firms or simply registered organisations with access to our target merchants.

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Independent CICOD Executive (ICE)

These are interested individuals who get registered as freelance consultants with the mission to sell CICOD Merchant Bundle and on-board potential merchants to the platform. The members of the ICE Network shall be trained, referenced and certified before they are officially registered to join the network. No joining fee is required.

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Delivery Partner

A Merchant delivery partner is an entity or department within the merchant’s organisation responsible for picking up and delivering the product to a customer. Third-party delivery partners are delivery partners registered on CICOD Merchant (not by a merchant).

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Payment Partners

These are financial technology providers which are integrated into CICOD's ecosystem to facilitate order fulfillment and allows for convenient payment through a variety of payment channels.
The existing payment partners are; + Flutterwave, Nibbs, Interswitch, Coralpay

Developers Corner

This is a software developer community of which specific API’s would be exposed to for use to integrate to the CICOD Merchant Platform.