Automate and track inventory across multiple Locations from time of order to delivery.

Achieve Greater Visibility

Get instant access to your stock levels at any location, see the value and history so you know which item is profitable and which isn’t. This is crucial to saving money and improving cash flow, the likelihood of any small business.

Manage suppliers better

Gain better quality control with CICOD Inventory Management system, enabling you to qualify your suppliers, with up to date and comprehensive information - so you get the right products from the right supplier.

Manage inventory for multiple locations

Add and track products for multiple locations efficiently, so you can sell more with less effort. This helps your business scale easily with the need for additional software.

Warehouse Management

  • Update inventory status, track inventory movement and storage between locations.
  • Reserve or pick up stock automatically so your business runs smoothly avoiding stock issues.
  • Record up to date prices with an overview of previous item prices so you are aware of changes that may affect your profit margin.
  • Reliable and accurate real time data to allow you to make better business decisions on company inventory usage.

Supplier Management

  • Categorise and segment your suppliers for better data - making it easier to find pricing and product information at time of procurement or an audit process.
  • Qualify your suppliers, with up to date and comprehensive information - so you get the right products from the right supplier

Quality Control

Quality is of great importance today in any business. The CICOD Inventory Management System allows you to set up an approval system to ensure all items or products are handled at the highest standard set by the company.

Batch Tracking for Traceability

  • With batch number tracking, you can track products that have been produced or processed with items of specific batch number. This allows you to easily locate products during a recall that has been identified as containing a defective lot.
  • You can access the history of any batch from the moment it gets added to your inventory till it is delivered.

Bill of Materials

Bill of Materials

Set true cost of goods sold by taking into account all resources including labor costs, overhead costs such as premises, shipping, equipment with the Bill of Materials (BOM) functionality.

Assign FIFO (first in, first out) strategy to offer greater efficiency in stock usage.

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