Supply Chain Management for Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SME)

Automate and manage flow of goods from production to distribution partners and consumers.

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Why SMBs must automate supply chain processes today

Broaden Reach

Companies can manage more products and have more options. It becomes easier to partner with suppliers both locally and worldwide.

Better Visibility into Supplier Performance

By automating your supply chain you can manage multiple products and Bill of Materials (BOMs) and gain better visibility into supplier performance.

Fewer Human Errors

Automating specific actions, ensures processes are followed, steps aren’t skipped, and human errors are virtually non-existent.

Improve Company Performance

Massive amounts of data can be collected and analyzed. It is easier to spot, especially that which impacts the consumer's satisfaction. Root causes of field problems are identified quickly, and corrective action is invoked in hours, not days.

A flexible choice of single or integrated software applications