Making MAP Work for the Distribution Companies

CICOD MAP is a Meter Order
Fulfillment and revenue assurance platform

It enables a Meter Asset Provider receive meter orders, generate
unique Order IDs and send invoices via SMS/Email to customers and receive
notifications for payments made.

The MAP Business Support System provides an integrated technology platform for the Meter Asset Provider to track and manage customer, finance and inventory records on an online real-time basis. Our Software Solution enables the seamless collaboration of the stakeholders in the MAP ecosystem covering the order-to-cash process flow. The System has proven capacity to integrate easily with the technology systems used by the Electricity Distribution Companies.

The CICOD map Bundle

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customer order management

Create and manage customer orders from multiple channels,...

manage inventory

inventory management system

Efficient real-time allocation, disbursement and tracking...

recieve payments

unified collections gateway

Easily aggregate collections real-time to achieve zero le...

manage delivery

workflow manager

Automate your business processes as standardized workflow...

The CICOD MAP provides

  • Order fulfillment

    An Order fulfillment platform to receive meter orders, generate unique Order IDs and send invoices via SMS and Email.

  • Validation & Notification

    Customer validation and immediate payment notification service.

  • Multiple Payment Channels

    Transparent monitoring and efficient management of Partners performance. Access to multiple payment channels for customers to pay for meters: USSD, Web, Online & Mobile banking, PoS, Agents and Direct bank lodgements. All offered via an aggregated platform which offers a single view on all collections.

  • Revenue Tracking

    Real Time revenue tracking: Visibility of all customer payments for Revenue assurance.

  • Bank Balance

    The platform gives real time bank balance visibility.

  • Inventory Management

    A platform to manage Inventory and assets from acquisition to usage. It enables efficient real-time allocation of Meter Assets, disbursement, tracking and use of the Assets while minimizing losses and leakages


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