Supply Chain

Automation drives insight
that drives revenue

Enable the value chain where it matters to get 360° insight and increased collaboration of manufacturer, Key distributor, wholesaler and retailers when you enable CICOD

Enabling the Supply Chain

CICOD provides multi access from manufacturer to buyers based on
contracts and business rules in the supply chain

The huge cost of ERP’s constrain manufacturers to limited visibility of the supply chain which stops at the key distributors.

Key distributors and sub-distributors are often constrained with access to finance due to the lack of organized transparent process and visibility of transactions my financiers.

The ability to track sales, monitor patterns and increase revenue has become increasely important to all members of the value chain and is hardly achieved without the automation of the retailer through to its distributors.

  • Inventory Lifecycle & Multi-Warehouse Management
  • Production Operations
  • Sales Operations
  • Order Management
  • Retention
  • Customer Accounts
  • Revenue Assurance
  • Supplier Management & Sourcing
  • Logistics
  • Back Office Operations
  • Back Office Operations
  • Back Office Operations
  • Reports

Business Transformation made easy

Inventory Lifecycle & Multi-Warehouse Management|CICOD

Inventory Lifecycle & Warehouse Management is at the heart of supply chain, managing the availability and movement of raw materials being transformed to products for onward delivery down the value chain.

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Production Operations

Production is often driven by back orders or forecast and therefore requires proper planning, stakeholder collaboration and resource availability for seamless execution and maximum productivity. The decision to produce the required batches, the creation of the work order, assignment of resource to the work order through to the completion, QA and Batch numbering request is seamlessly handled. This allows for extended batch tracking not only on materials but on key resources involved in the production at any given time.

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Sales Operations

Empowering the sales team and enabling the multi-channel sales with the right level of real-time information on stock availability, offers, target as well as the ability to invoice customers in real-time greatly improves productivity and efficiency.

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Order Management

CICOD demystifies the complexities of order management in varying sequences based on the risk profile of the customer. These include Order to Cash, Cash to Order, Re-Order, Credit-backed Orders, Drop Shipping, Partner Fulfilment, Reserved Orders Expiry and lots more all through to when the customer receives the products. CICOD Customer Order Management simplifies B2B, B2C, Value Chain and Online order fulfilment models.

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In the ever fierce world of competition, there remains an increasing need for ways to retain customers. CICOD Customer Order Management provides the capability for running loyalty schemes, discounts and ensuring that promos and offers get to the intended target customer at any level in the value chain.

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Customer Accounts

Provides a 360° view of the customer, their transaction and trends. Know your customers, value them and respond in a personalised way at all times. Provides authorised access to real-time customer data at the click of a button.

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Unified Revenue Collections

As businesses seek to create more convenient channels of payment, these payment channels come with varying transaction charges leading to increased reconciliation challenges and slower decision making. The CICOD Unified Revenue Collections is driven by CICOD Unified Collections Gateway seamlessly connected to the regulated payment platform and your bank for easier transaction reconciliation.

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Supplier Management & Sourcing

Enabling a level of automation for your suppliers past the norm provides a new level of sourcing ensuring your organization never runs out of inventory. The CICOD value chain capability gives your suppliers the ability to maintain a real-time catalogue of available supplies and pricing allowing your procurement/order process to be initiated seamlessly.

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Logistics play a very important role in Supply Chain covering last mile distribution and may or may not include warehousing. The seamless management of in-house - logistics or the integration or technical enablement of 3rd party logistics organizations ensures the customer gets the right product on time.

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Back Office Operations

The world-famous management consultant Peter Drucker is known for his quote “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” Businesses’ functions are successfully based on the timely and measurable collaboration of all departments to achieve both internal and external service level agreements. The Workflow Manager enables the automation and tracking of processes across all departments as well as status communication with customers and suppliers.

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Customer Service / Self Service

You may wish to drive standardized engagement through electronic channels as the most scalable and measurable way. Providing customers with easier access on their most frequent reasons for engagement will improve efficiency for the organization and provide a better customer experience for the buyer.

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Data Migration

We make data migration possible without the need for coding, However, integration to your existing system can be provided as a service.

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We provide standardized dashboards and the ability to download reports for all key components of the Supply Chain ecosystem. We also provide customized reports on request as well as the opportunity for deeper data analytics.

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